"I love trees — watching them grow, pruning them so they’re beautiful and healthy, climbing them and even cutting them down when needed. I take pride in our approach to tree care. I’m known for doing what I say I’m going to do — and I have a talent for working with people to solve problems. I look forward to meeting you and attending to your trees."

- James Cummings

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A return customer reviews her experience with James Cummings Tree Service at her South Eugene home.

"I’ve hired James several times to prune my overgrown apple trees; to prune several of my large cedars, and to remove a dying maple. Each time he has done excellent work, been informative about options, and been a joy to work with."

James Cummings Tree Service
5 / 5 stars

  • Sometimes a tree has to go. Whether it's unhealthy, pulling up the foundation of your building or simply the wrong tree in the wrong place.
  • Sometimes a tree needs a little love. Whether it’s pruning, bracing, or soil amending — we can help you care for your trees properly with our ISA Certified Arborists.
  • Sometimes, during a storm, a tree is damaged. Whether it's a safe removal, or needs dangerous limbs removed, we have been trusted in the Eugene/Springfield area since 1993.
  • And sometimes, you have specialty logging needs.Whether you're thinning out danger trees or making changes to your property, specialty logging is one of our areas of expertise.
  • We’re efficient, aware and respectful of your property. We do great work, are competitively priced, and can address all of your concerns, including stump-grinding.

Our crew has over 88 years combined experience in keeping beautiful trees healthy. In addition to residential accounts, we service many commercial accounts such as apartment and office buildings. We can properly prune one specimen tree, or several hundred.

We have performed all kinds of tree removals in and around Lane County since 1993. Whether it's massive trees close to homes, dangerous trees on hillsides, or even trees in impossible locations, feel safe knowing we have the knowledge to evaluate the situation, and the skills to remove the tree safely.

Urban logging is one of our specialties. With our expertise in project management, specialty logging needs are met from start to finish. We will help you through the entire process while developing the best course of action to accomplish your goals.